DEZ Done - Lead Vocal

Grant Watson - Bass Guitar

 Andrew Saragossi - Tenor Saxophone

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Greg Baikaloff - Percussion/Drums

"Butch Bellert" - Lead Guitar

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"Desley Done is definitely a rising star in the East Coast blues scene. She has been around for several years performing in professional bands such as Blonde on Blue and Little Kitty Big Meow. She has performed at Sunshine Coast Blues Festival, Broadbeach Blues Festival, Mitchell Creek Blues Festival, Redlands Bayside Blues Festival , Woodford Folk Festival, Jumpers and Jazz Festival, Rods and Rockabilly and is gradually becoming known as “Queensland’s Queen of Blues”.

Dez has a big smile, a big personality, a big voice and has a great vibe on stage. Dez delivers her repertoire with sass and energy and really loves imparting her love for the music and sharing her passion with the audience. She draws her inspiration from such artists as Etta James, Koko Taylor, Ruth Brown, Anne Cole, Ruth Brown, Etta James, Little Willie John and many other artists from the 40’s and 50’s. 

A school friend said “I’m going to learn guitar why don’t you come and learn too?” Grant’s response was “no mate, I want to play bass”. He didn’t know why and had no idea where it would take him but that’s what he did.
Grant started playing in rock covers bands in western Sydney and migrated to playing blues with old friend Rod “Beachhead” Jeffery in various inner Sydney pubs in the early 80’s sharing the stage with many great young players of the day from bands like The Layabouts and The Foreday Riders.

Grant’s musical influences are many and varied. Everything from Albert Collins to Bootsie Collins, from James Jamerson to James Burton, from the Red Devils to Rachmaninov and from Willie Dixon to Willie Nelson He has flirted with Jazz Fusion, Country, Funk, Soul, Ska and Pop but always ended up back playing the blues. 

His love of all things aviation saw him take an extended break from the music scene, re-emerging to play blues and the jazzy side of blues while living in France. After moving back to Australia he started playing around the Brisbane blues scene working live and/or in the studio with many of the river city’s current crop of excellent blues musicians from bands including Mamavoodo, Blind Lemon, Devil’s Kiosk, Mojo Webb, Cath Butler, Kate Meehan and Skip Landy, The Walters, Connor Cleary, Mick Diggles, Jimi Beavis, Morningside Fats, Andrew Baxter, Mike Frost and the Icemen and Mark D’s Big 3.

Grant has played most of the blues festivals on Australia’s east coast including Broadbeach Blues Festival, Brisbane Blues Festival, Queensland Festival of the Blues, Sunshine Coast Blues Festival, Sydney Blues Festival, and the Australian Blues Music Festival. Now part of a new engine room, Grant is totally enjoying the cool old school Rhythm & Blues grooves Dezzie D and the Stingrayz are famous for.

Greg began his professional playing career way back in the early eighties in the height of the pub rock era, with Gold Coast covers bands "Plan B" and "Bob and the Hawks."
As a young drummer, Greg was Inspired by groups like Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, not knowing at the time that the music that profoundly moved him was a merely a white, electric interpretation of the blues, originally created by Afro American musicians from the deep south of the USA - an imitation of sorts.
Since then Greg has been on a life-long quest to go directly to the source, to find the real blues - raw, unpolished, passionate, expressive - and to try to reproduce authentic rhythms, true to the cause.
He has matured into a player who's style could be described as minimalist, yet expressive and always played from the heart. 

Greg has played behind Aussie blues luminaries, Dutch Tilders, Ray Beadle, Jeff Lang, Phil Manning, Kate Meehan, Phil Emmanuel, and Gail page.

He has worked with local Brisbane blue legends, Mojo Webb, Lil Fi, Blind Dog Donnie, JB Lewis, Sweet Felecia, Doc Span, Buzz and the Blues Band. Over the years, he has kept the drum throne warm in Brisbane working bands, Black Cat Bone, Helta Delta, Mike Frost and the Icemen, Shakey Shaun and the Intemperate Few, Mick Diggles' Blues Doctors, Morningside Fats, and the Andrew Baxter Band.

Greg also spent a year or two playing the Rockabilly scene with Dangerous Dan and the Starlite Ramblers, and West Texas Crude.
Greg believes that the best way to connect with an audience is to keep the music real - "blues is the healer."

"Dezzie D comes back with a bang and The Stingrayz will back her up. It’s powerful, soulful and when it comes to the groove and rhythm, it can send any audience into a hypnotic trance. Dezzie D is an extremely talented vocalist, who engages the audience from start to finish, putting a spell on anybody close enough to submerge themselves in the sound of her magnificent voice. Get ready to be groovin’ on the dancefloor'."
Butch has been playing the Blues and paying his dues longer than most people can recall. Born into a musical family, Butch grew up listening to, and playing a rich and diverse range of music that helped shape his own unique style. His musical odyssey of bands and genres started at age thirteen with his first local High School band and over the years has included Rock, Blues, Punk, Swing, Country, and everything else in between. With this broad pallet of musical capabilities, Butch has also been a first-call sideman for many bands and artists that have required an experienced guitarist that can step right in and compliment any situation. 

Musical influences have played a big part in Butch’s journey and when he plays, you’ll recognise snippets of Roy Buchanan, Freddie King, Jimi Hendrix, Paul Kossof, Eric Clapton, and a host of other major guitar influences that will keep you on the edge of your seat with honest emotion, ability and feeling. As an unofficial “Master of the Telecaster”, when Butch straps on a Tele you know he means business and there will always be fun and fireworks. Some of the bands Butch has been associated with include: Peter Gunn; The Potion; Blues in Session; Blues Potion; The Swing Thing, The Spring Hillbillies, The Fabulous Boogie Boys; Michael Turner’s Blues in Session; Cath Butler’s Joynt Venture; The Massive Fergusons, The Story, Bakosfield, Big Kitty and the Dirty Dukes.

Andrew Saragossi is an up and coming saxophonist in the Brisbane jazz scene. After developing a love for jazz music in his high school years, Andrew honed his skills at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, graduating with a Bachelor of Music (2011). During this time, Andrew studied under some of Brisbane’s most prolific saxophonists including, Graeme Norris, Scott Griffiths and Elliott Dalgleish. Additionally, he also played lead tenor in the Con-Artists Big Band, led by the highly respected John Hoffman.  

Since concluding his studies, Andrew has proven himself a versatile performer who has the ability to employ his skills into many different musical contexts. Whilst he remains active in the jazz scene, performing regularly with a variety of groups, Andrew has also delved into the world of blues, rock’n’roll and hip-hop: most notably, he has played with bands such as the Resin Dogs, Bankrupt Billionaires, Bullhorn and Silver Circus. 

Drawing musical influences from the giants of jazz, including Cannonball Adderly, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins and Dexter Gordon, Andrew produces a full and imposing sound, aimed to captivate more than just the ears of listeners. 

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